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Fresh Veggies Nourishing Hearts Lucky Draw: You can Make a Difference

As we celebrate our three-year anniversary of bringing fresh, nourishing produce to our community, we're filled with gratitude for your unwavering support. It has been a year of growth and togetherness, and we're excited to announce a special giveaway to mark this milestone. We're calling on our community to join us in sharing the gift of fresh fruits and vegetables with four deserving families in need. You can refer a family and tell us why they are in need, and for those who can, there's also an opportunity to contribute to this initiative through donations.Over the past years, we have strived to be more than just a local initiative. Our mission has always been to provide fresh, locally-sourced produce to...

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Unveiling Fresh Veggies’ partnership with Homage

A fresh partnership is about to launch – Homage, a homegrown holistic home care provider, will be collaborating with Fresh Veggies to bring nutrition and care to more in the community! A Journey of Care and Nutrition Homage has been steadfast in their mission to enable wellness and recovery through holistic personal care. Since 2016, they have provided quality home care, nursing care, and therapy services to thousands of individuals and their families. Their commitment to providing top-notch care support is now taking a step forward, with Fresh Veggies in this upcoming collaboration. Fresh fruits and vegetables are not merely a feast for the eyes but offer essential nutrients that fuel our bodies and minds. Bursting with vitamins, minerals, and...

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Fresh Veggies Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables for Cafes, Hawkers and Restaurants

Fresh Veggies provides wholesale fruits and vegetables for businesses, like cafes, hawkers, and restaurants. We offer businesses the opportunity to purchase fresh, high-quality vegetables in bulk at competitive prices. Our wholesale fruits and vegetables are to help businesses reduce their operating costs, improve their profit margins, and offer their customers a wider range of fresh and healthy food options. By purchasing fresh produce in bulk at wholesale prices, businesses can take advantage of economies of scale. Fresh Veggies offers a wide range of locally and overseas sourced-vegetables, including leafy greens, root vegetables, herbs, and exotic fruits. Most of the produce is grown using sustainable farming practices, ensuring that businesses can offer their customers high-quality, healthy, and environmentally responsible food options....

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