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Firm Tofu / Tau Kwa (豆干)

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Tau Kwa, also known as Firm Tofu, is an excellent source of iron and calcium, and they are low in calories too! Its unique meaty texture also makes it a great add-on to your meals if you're looking to replace meat in your dishes. There are many ways to enjoy Tau Kwas - deep-fry, stir-fry, stew, or you can even barbeque them! 

Firm tofu is a versatile and nutritious ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes, both savory and sweet. It is made from soybeans and has a soft yet solid texture. Here's how you can eat firm tofu and some of its benefits:

How to Eat Firm Tofu:

  1. Stir-Fry: Cube firm tofu and stir-fry it with vegetables, such as bell peppers, broccoli, and snow peas, in a flavorful sauce like soy sauce or teriyaki sauce.

  2. Grill or Pan-Fry: Marinate slices of firm tofu and grill or pan-fry them until golden and crispy. Serve with dipping sauce or add to sandwiches and wraps.

  3. Baked: Coat firm tofu with spices and olive oil, then bake until crispy on the outside. Enjoy as a protein-rich snack or salad topping.

  4. In Soups: Add diced firm tofu to soups like miso soup or vegetable soup for added texture and protein.

  5. Scrambled: Crumble firm tofu and cook it with turmeric and spices to create a vegan alternative to scrambled eggs.

  6. Stuffed: Cut firm tofu into slices, hollow out the centers, and fill them with rice, vegetables, or other fillings. Bake or pan-fry until heated through.

  7. Smoothies: Blend firm tofu into smoothies for a creamy texture and added protein.

Benefits of Firm Tofu:

  1. Rich in Protein: Tofu is a complete plant-based protein source, containing all essential amino acids needed by the body.

  2. Low in Calories: Firm tofu is low in calories compared to animal-based protein sources, making it suitable for weight management.

  3. Heart Health: Firm Tofu is cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat, which can help lower the risk of heart disease.

  4. Rich in Iron and Calcium: Firm Tofu is a good source of iron and calcium, important minerals for blood health and bone strength.

  5. Contains Isoflavones: Firm Tofu contains isoflavones, which are plant compounds with antioxidant properties that may help reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases.

  6. Digestive Health: The fiber content in firm tofu can support digestive health and regularity.

  7. May Reduce Cancer Risk: Some studies suggest that regular consumption of tofu and other soy products may lower the risk of certain types of cancer, particularly breast and prostate cancer.

  8. Vegan and Vegetarian-Friendly: Firm Tofu is a staple in vegan and vegetarian diets, providing essential nutrients like protein and iron.

Store firm tofu in the refrigerator and use it within a few days of opening for optimal freshness. Experiment with different cooking methods and recipes to enjoy the health benefits and delicious taste of firm tofu.