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Recipes — Halloween

8 Creative and Delicious Ways to Repurpose your Pumpkin after Halloween!

Don’t throw your Jack-o’-Lanterns Pumpkin after Halloween - Here are 8 Creative and Delicious Ways to Repurpose Them! You Can Eat Almost Every Bit of Pumpkin Pumpkin's flesh is high in fibre and beta carotene. Their seeds are rich in potassium and protein. Toasted pumpkin seeds make a healthy snack, and you can use fresh pumpkin puree in any recipe.    1. Turn the Guts of the Pumpkin into Compost Those icky, stringy parts that make pumpkin carving such a big, fun mess can make an excellent addition to your compost bin. 2. Make it into Stock  Yield: Serves 2-3Time: 60mins  If you don’t compost, or you want to try something new, you can use the guts to make some pumpkin stock. To begin, add these ingredients to...

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